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Florida Design Magazine
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Featured Doors: Aspirations, Clubhouse Doors"

Maitland Artist is Top Winner in Mount Dora
Orlando Sentinel - Feb 08, 1998
"Awards of Distinction, $500: George Pandolph"

4 Lake County Artists Featured at Arts Festival
Orlando Sentinel - Feb 06, 1998
"Woodcarver George Pandolph is among 300 Lake County artists chosen to display their work at the 23rd annual Mount Dora Arts Festival. Pandolph has exhibited his work at the festival four or five times during the past 15 years. His designs include hand-carved ... "

Mount Dora Prepares for Next Week's Art Festival
Orlando Sentinel - Jan 30, 1998
"The Mount Dora Arts Festival showcases the work of artist George Pandolph, wood carving."

Maitland Event is Big Draw
Orlando Sentinel - Oct 22, 1995
"Glass and Handcrafts: 1st Place, George Pandolph, Mount Dora."

Mixed Art slated for Mount Dora
Ocala Star-Banner - Feb 03, 1995
"George Pandolph builds hand-carved doors from scratch, a functional piece of art for the front entrance. Pandolph first exhibited at the Mount Dora Arts festival fifteen years ago. It was during that weekend when he decided to move to Lake County community from Orlando."

An Open and Shut Case for Artistry;
Doors sure to be Conversation Openers are George Pandolph's Specialty
Orlando Sentinel - Feb 03, 1995
"A visit to George Pandolph's Mount Dora studio provides easy proof that he is all three. Intricately carved doors stand at one end of a large room; work tables and tools fill another."

Portals to Profit
Orlando Sentinel - Nov 13, 1994
"With creativity and handiwork, George Pandolph knows how to make a dramatic entrance."

Top-notch creators work on public art in Tampa Series: SKETCHES / A WEEKLY NOTEBOOK
St. Petersburg Times - Nov 12, 1993
"George Pandolph, wood, Mount Dora;"

Maitland Rotary Arts Festival
Orlando Sentinel - Oct 17, 1993
"Handcrafts and collage: 2nd Place, George Pandolph, Mount Dora."

Stained glass window is focus of "Dream House"
Toronto Star - May 08, 1993
" ... front door is a dramatic blend of woodcraft and stained glass, a collaboration getween Buddy Seligman, Tegethoff and wood sculptor George Pandolph. ... "

Stained glass adds class; Maitland house Speaks for itself by drawing attention to it's distincitive and finely crafted stain glass windows.
Orlando Sentinel - May 16, 1992
".. front door is a dramatic blend of woodcraft and stained glass, a collaboration between Buddy Seligman, Tegethoff and wood sculptor George Pandolph. ..."

Masters At Disney Fest
Orlando Sentinel - Nov 12, 1989
"Merit Awards: George Pandolph, Mount Dora."

Watercolor Artist Takes Best of Show
Orlando Sentinel - Oct 22, 1989
"Creative Crafts: 2nd Place, George Pandolph."

Symbolic leaded glass vessels awarded to Friends of the Arts
St. Petersburg Times - Nov 18, 1987
"Creative Crafts: 3rd place, George Pandolph, Mt. Dora."

Disney's Festival of Masters
Orlando Sentinel - Nov 14, 1987
"Creative Crafts: 3rd Place, George Pandolph. ...And equally impressive for workmanship and inspiration are sensuous inlaid wood boxes by George Pandolph of Mount Dora."

And the Arts Festival Winners are...
Orlando Sentinel - Oct 19, 1987
"Creative Crafts: 2nd place, George Pandolph, Mt. Dora."

Fine Arts for Ocala Winners - Best in Image in Craft
Ocala Star-Banner - Oct 27, 1986
"Honor Awards were given to George Pandolph, Mt. Dora."

Sculptor Puts Hint of Intrigue into His Doors
Orlando Sentinel - Oct 26, 1986
"Pandolph’s Immersion in his work has paid off. He has won at both the Lake Buena Vista Festival of the Masters at Disney World and the Fine Arts for Ocala art show."

Fine Weather, Refreshing Artwork make for a Delightful day at Maitland Festival
Orlando Sentinel - Oct 19, 1986
"Creative Crafts: 2nd Place, George Pandolph, Mt. Dora."

Artists will Compete in High-Paying Ocala Show
Orlando Sentinel - Oct 05, 1986
"George Pandolph is more than willing to show you the door -- or doors, that is, maybe even one carved into the shape of a swan. ..."

Named Winners at Disney Festival of Artists
Orlando Sentinel - Nov 10, 1985
"Woodworker George Pandolph of Mount Dora won third place in creative crafts"

Woodworker Raises His Craft to an Art Form
Orlando Sentinel - May 25, 1985
"'I'm going to have a complete line of doors,' George Pandolph said. So far, he has the prototypes for two of the six doors he intends to design. One idea involves a swallow whose tail is set in low-relief at the base of the door and whose body, as the viewer's eyes traverse upward, slowly arches as though the swallow were curving out of the door toward the sky. Like his other doors, this one probably will include insets of bronze as well as a material new for Pandolph."

Fine Arts for Ocala Show - "Images in Art" Festival
Ocala Star-Banner - Oct 25, 1983
"Images In Crafts and Pottery: Merit Award and Cash Prize went to George Pandolph, Mount Dora."

Some Came In Early To Liven "Images"
Ocala Star-Banner - Oct 16, 1977
"George Pandolph of Orlando, who shows chess and backgammon sets of finely worked woods. The only way to play."


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