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Entry Doors with Sidelights

Custom entry doors with sidelights from George Pandolph’s company, Fine Woodworks, allows his clientele to have that customized door which will give their home, church or business that special finished touch which is unique, personal and eye catching; allowing the building to grab the attention of any visitor. Pandolph has gained his woodworking skills through twenty years of experience to be able to provide beautifully made custom doors that combine high quality workmanship of wood, glass and metal to produce functional yet decorative entry doors with sidelights which can make a statement of pride, of ownership, classic elegance and design, appreciation of artistic flare, and a warm welcome.

Fine Woodworks, Pandolph’s company is originally located in Mount Dora, FL. However, as the company as gained more and more clientele wishing to have custom entry doors with sidelights, the company's location in Mount Dora, Fl is only a short drive from Orlando, Fl from where any city can be reached.

Fine Woodworks is an award winning, full service custom door manufacturer who has specialized in providing Decorative and Architectural Doors. The company has been able to combine technical expertise, proprietary door designs, hand craftsmanship, creativity, attention to details and excellent personal service that has attracted an ever expanding list of extremely satisfied clientele from around the country wanting custom entry doors with sidelights. This allows clientele of the company to have a front door that will warmly welcome them and their guests, as it is the first impression seen when visiting a home, church or business. The enhancement and appeal of having custom entry doors with sidelights installed in properties that is private, public, or commercial.

The customized doors made by Pandolph for his clientele can be used for either interior or exterior use in a building. Each handcrafted door is made with the appropriate wood depending on its location within a building. The primary woods used by Fine Woodworks to construct the doors are Honduran mahogany, cherry, and walnut. These woods have been chosen by the company because they are known for their stability and weather resistance. Once the customized doors are properly fitted to its final location, there is very little movement and expansion compared to the standard oak or fir doors. To further strengthen the doors, Pandolph constructs the doors with mortise and tension joints instead of the usual dowels.

Additional to the impressive woods the doors are crafted from, Fine Woodworks is able to provide its clientele with embellishments to their designs with etched or stained glass and metal accessories. Furthermore, the company gives its clientele the option of choosing several different architectural designs such as single or double arches over the entry doors with sidelights. Additionally, all of the doors are hand carved and handcrafted in America; meaning none work is outsourced on the entry doors with sidelights.



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